Services: A Work In Progress

Services: A La Carte

Invitations:   Existing Simply Soirees Design or Tailored Design

Garland/Streamer:   Supplies & Directions,   Premade

Menu:   Recipes for Menu, Recipes (printed Cardstock, bound & table menus).  As always, tailored to fit your budget, time & skill level

Fresh Flowers:   Bundled or arranged

Flowers Fabric:  Arranged

The small stuff:   Favors and/or Gift bags

Craft Projects for kids:   Supply list & Directions,   Supplies, with Directions, Prepared

Photos: 2 hours Raw Images or Edited



Services: Packages

Simply the Basics: Our most popular A La Carte options: Design invitations, mail merge friendly guest list form, inspiration board and shopping list

Simply the Best: Full service, design, print & mail invitations, track rsvps, build menu including recipes & price breakdown of ingredients, dessert hand prepared (local), flowers (local), create activity(ies), purchase supplies and setup


About Simply Soirees

We are a party planning, event getting going, I don't have enough time but I want it to look/be great start-up in the Portland area.
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