Princess Sleepover – Glitter Shirts

So easy and super fun!  Kid’s love to make their clothes messy, there is something that makes them extra excited when you tell them they can paint on their clothes, in fact you are encouraging it!

What You Need:

Tank Tops (I found ours for $2.75 a piece in Target’s clearance section)

Fabric Glitter Glue (WARNING: Do not get this from the Dollar Store, it peels right off after it drys. We were able to get it for a few dollars at Joann’s Fabric)

A hard surface

Creative Kiddos

We laid the tank tops out with the fabric glue and let the girls go!  Our ladies are very into creating something on their own, but if you have kids that need a little inspiration you could do iron ons, have stencils available or a book with related pictures.

*I need a new camera!


About Simply Soirees

We are a party planning, event getting going, I don't have enough time but I want it to look/be great start-up in the Portland area.
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