Things We Love: DIY Cork Floral Centerpiece

Rope Flowers - Design Sponge

I’ve been really interested in flower alternatives. Not that I don’t absolutely adore having a giant bouquet of hydrangeas or sunflowers on my table, but with how busy life can be, they seem to wilt before I get a chance to enjoy them. Sure, I could slow down, but what fun would that be?

Enter fresh flower alternatives. With the increasing popularity of upcycling the interwebs have been littered with fantastic alternatives. We aren’t talking about the sea foam green silk atrocities of my mothers late ’80s nuptials here. These are an honest to goodness art form. And like all of my biggest loves, one you can mimic in your home with very little money and time.

Design Sponge took it up a notch to make this elegant, eco friendly centerpiece. Check out their page for step-by-step instructions and photos!


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We are a party planning, event getting going, I don't have enough time but I want it to look/be great start-up in the Portland area.
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