What is a get Togethor Without Great Food?

Carrots - PDX Food Love

Everyone with Simply Soirees loves food. It isn’t a requirement for hanging out with us but if a 30 minute conversation about cheese sounds boring, you may want to find somewhere else to be. We like to talk about food, but we love to eat it.

With that in mind, last month we had our first cooking club get together. The plan is to get together a few Sundays a month to make healthy, affordable lunches for the week. It’s also an opportunity for us to talk about our current projects and ideas for the future. Plus, there is always wine ; )

Rebekah documented our first meeting on her regular food blog PDX Food Love. Head over their to see what we made!

While there are famous faces out there, like Jamie Oliver, and billions of blogs dedicated to the subject, many people still seem to have the misconception that eating well requires spending a lot of money or time. Sure, having a souffle with truffle shavings for breakfast every morning may not be a reasonable option, what about a fried egg on homemade whole wheat toast? Or buckwheat waffles made from scratch? This week I have had a gluten free pizza piled high with veggies, black bean & butternut squash tamales, spicy black bean & cheese tamales, and creamy roasted red pepper soup. These were spread out among 7 meals for myself, fed my husband & daughter for a night, where all made from scratch, 80% organic ingredients, cost me around $12 total and were all made in one go to save time during the busy week days.  Our passion for good food in our private lives definitely seeps into our business lives.  If you could have local, organic, delicious and overall healthy, homemade food at your get together, why wouldn’t you?

When we prepare food for an event we aren’t looking to make the largest profit or take the shortest amount of time but provide our client with something they are proud to serve. We also try to make it something they can duplicate down the line with confidence.  Everyone loved the snack sized baggies of candied walnuts we provided for your son’s birthday party? We’ll send you the recipe and our tips for making them yourself. This isn’t just a business for us, it’s something we truly care about and want to share.

What is your favorite “make-ahead” recipe?


About Simply Soirees

We are a party planning, event getting going, I don't have enough time but I want it to look/be great start-up in the Portland area.
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