Sake & Sushi


Want to entertain but don’t have much time to throw things together? Try having a sushi night. Veggie sushi is quick, easy and cheap!



sweet potato
green onions
nori (sea weed sheets)
peanut oil



1. Place 1.5 cups white rice and 3 cups water in rice cooker. Start and set aside.
2. Peel cucumber, zucchini, and sweet potato. Slice all veggies into spears.
3. Prepare tempura according to package instructions. Cover sweet potato and zucchini with tempura batter.
4. Fry tempura covered veggies in peanut oil. Set aside to drain off extra oil.
5. When rice is done, transfer into bowl. Mix with a small amount of vinegar and a tablespoon of sugar. This makes the rice sticky.
6. Lay nori out on bamboo sushi roller (we got ours from Food4Less for a buck or two). Spread rice evenly on about 1/3 of the nori. Layer on your vegetables.
7. Use the sushi roller to fold/roll nori in on itself.
8. Cut roll into bite sized pieces.
9. Mix up your favorite sauce, poor some sake and enjoy!




About Simply Soirees

We are a party planning, event getting going, I don't have enough time but I want it to look/be great start-up in the Portland area.
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